Wood Floor Colors Variations for Your House

Of course, there are a lot of flooring options that you can install to your house. The options are not only about the material, but also for the colorings, this is make flooring option almost unlimited. Among all of these floor one of the most popular ones is wooded flooring. Wooden flooring is perfect for any kind of house interior design style; also they can add some relaxing sense to your house as well. But what about the wood floor color variations? Well, as a matter of fact wood flooring has several color choices. So what are these wood floor color variations?

Light wood floor colors for dining room

Natural wood floor colors

Let’s start this list with some light wood floor colors. the natural shade of wood colors usually refers to somewhat lighter brown colors, usually this colors occur in Oak or Bamboo for the material choices. This light brown color is really great for any kind of room size, but it will be even better to be used in smaller rooms since the light colors will make the room appear bigger. But if you want to use it in wider room it has also made a great choice, but you can combine it with darker accent color to give your room more homey feeling.

Natural oak wood floor colors

Natural light wood floor colors living room

Natural wood floor colors dining room

Another great choice of wood floor colors is gray. This gray color is somewhat closed to smoky gray, which will make a great choice if you want a lighter look for your room but if you want somewhat a warmer touch as well. just like the natural colors, gray can also a great choice for any kinds of room size, big or small. But it will be better for bigger room since the gray shade will give some warm feelings to the room.

Light gray wood floor color living room

Bedroom with gray wood floor colors

Another great wood floor color variation that you can’t ever deny is black wood flooring. The black wood flooring will help brings an elegant touch to your room; they are also perfect for traditional interior design, although they will look better for modern and contemporary interior design style. But, please keep in mind that dark colors will make your room seem smaller, so it is wise if you use them for bigger room rather than smaller one.

Dining room with black wood floor colors

Elegant bedroom with black wood floor colors

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