Wood Block Flooring for Traditional Home Style

Some wood block flooring such as maple and oak are hard, tightly grained wood that can have color variations from a pale white to a reddish tone. The finish of the flooring will be choosing the maple that could enhance the natural beauty or subtly reduce the variations through the use of darker stains.

Maple wood block flooring for living room

Wood block flooring with darker stains

Wood block for traditional majesty style

Some elements for designing the old European design along with color form the background for applying the principles of design. And with that reason, wood as nature intended. They are oak, maple, cherry and alder painted. Oak has been a popular choice in cabinet construction for a number of years due to the durability of its moisture resistant wood. Characterized by open graining, red oak has a natural range of color from light to dark and mineral deposits within the grain increases its natural beauty. And similar to that, cherry is widely renowned for its traditional majesty.

Cherry wood block flooring in traditional kitchen styles

A softer hardwood like cherry for your traditional majestic ideal wood taste has a subtle grain, enhanced with pitting which lends itself to the warmth of historical settings. The appearance of cherry for wood block flooring can vary dramatically with the stain color applied to it. Anyway, cherry is the ideal choice if a consistent dark coloration is required or in its natural states the reddish color can be intensified.

Alder wood block flooring in kitchen

Glue – Down Method for Popular Wood Block Flooring
Additionally, the engineered wood flooring may use this method as well. If you use one layer of mastic, that will nicely placed on the sub floors use some trowel for similar laying tile. However, the wood pieces will lay on top the glue and also the hammered place to use a rubber mallet to create the level floor. Often you will get the wood block parquet floor for require sanding and re – finishing after the installed glue down method into small size pieces. Also, wood flooring can also be installed  using the glue down method. This step is an especially popular today for solid parquet flooring installations with concrete sub floors.

Wood block flooring with perfect old European style

Finally, for perfect old European style, alder has a fairly straight uniformed grain with a natural color which ranges from light to reddish brown and may even have peach hues. Common characteristics of open and split knots of varying size and shape as well as mineral stains create alder’s rustic charm. However, this wood block flooring is the hardest wood flooring that is available today, because it’s so ultra resistant to scratching, denting, warping and anything else which is having an active family can throw at it.

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