Wide Plank Pine Flooring, the New Way to Make Your Home Looks Half- Rustic

Wide plank pine flooring,- We though almost all people desire to have durable flooring for their home. Flooring is the most important aspect that can’t be separated of the home. Many homeowners sometimes get their flooring in bad or cracked condition after many years but why there are many homeowners prefer choosing wooden flooring than tiles even when they know that tiles and concrete are more durable than wooden flooring? The only reason is because of its esthetic value. One of popular wooden flooring we recommend for your room is wide plank pine flooring. It is high quality how to choose wood flooring made out originally plank.

Antique wide plank pine flooring

Is it Wide Plank Pine Flooring is Durable for Your Home?

The answer is yes if compared than hardwood flooring.  Most of pine flooring is designed to be installed in a traditional, rustic and recently installed on modern home.  Wide plank pine flooring commonly is made out long Leaf Heart Pine flooring that was so strong and unbreakable, then the building material used throughout the Eastern Seaboard since 1800s. So impressive! Even the use of wide plank pine flooring now has been a trend in many modern homes. By installing it, you will feel to have original floors and to make a natural forest illusion in your room.

Distressed wide plank pine flooring

Types and Designs
Let’s talk about the design. Is it various? Yes of course, the motif / design is as various as hardwood flooring but wide plank pine flooring tends to more natural, the lines, the stains and the color are almost same with the original of pine wooden. Even if you are a layman, you would not able to compare both.

Kitchen with prefinished wide plank pine flooring

Random width wide plank pine flooring

Southern yellow wide plank pine flooring - image : authenticpinefloors.com

Southern yellow wide plank pine flooring – image : authenticpinefloors.com

There are some designs of wide plank pine flooring to choose from, the most phenomenal is Long Leaf Heart Pine Flooring and Eastern White Pine Flooring. The both are often used in modern home. Long heart pine is more suitable for room that is lack of light.  The texture and color is brighter than second version and even it warms you room to make it more comfortable.  While the Eastern white pine flooring is darker and can be installed in the space with enough light or balance it with bright decoration on the wall and furniture. More than perfect!

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