Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom, Pros / Cons

Vinyl flooring for bathroom,- One of popular type of bathroom flooring is vinyl. Vinyl is cost-effective solution for many homeowners who have limited budget.  Overall, they even almost be flexible to be placed in any rooms of your home, especially for the bathroom. Also, their bendable and resilient material comes in variety of sizes and designs. Most of best seller is being 12″ x 12”. More interestingly, they virtually come into vary of color and patters because of their sophisticating manufacturing process.  The question appears whether possible to have the synthetic be considered tile and whether they are suitable enough to be installed on the bathroom.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring for bathroom

Positive side of vinyl flooring for bathroom / Pros

At first, let’s talking about the positive sides. If compared than ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles, vinyl is more affordable. They can be installed over other materials faster even need little demolition. This is so easier to remove. Whatever reasons, resilient vinyl tiles could also become the only solution for a floor with cracks or excessive movements. They prevent for flooring breakage and other similar cases. If your bathroom is too busy or too many people use it every time, every day and every minutes, this flooring type is enough satisfying. Also, they consist of variety of designs, size and colors to make your smaller bathroom be larger. The use of 12″ x 12″ can be recommended for your bathroom to make a larger illusion, you can also choose the smaller size dimension.

Wood vinyl plank flooring for bathroom

Wood style vinyl flooring for bathroom

Now, move to the cons. Vinyl flooring for bathroom can be so hazardous if the installation done inappropriate. When this is installed properly to your bathroom, this can be waterproofing flooring. Vice versa, if the installation makes the gaps, it would be so difficult to be good flooring.  The water will enter to the gaps and making damage so if you have been sure to choose it, be sure that there is no gaps created.

Gray vinyl sheet flooring for bathroom

Marble style vinyl flooring for bathroom

About the durability
Compare to porcelain, ceramic or stone. Vinyl is less durable, means that the durability is really depend on the daily usage.  More frequent to be exposed by water, the lesser time of its age.  Most of experts also suggest you not to use resilient vinyl tiles in a wet environment, like tubs, bathroom or in the humid area like a basement. Also, prevent to use vinyl in exterior applications that forces to have the hard tile.

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