Vintage Bathroom Floor Tile Patterns

Vintage bathroom floor,- Vintage always stays in the people’s heart that lives in this modern era. Perhaps, you do not know what the meaning of designing without vintage style is. Moreover, tile and bathroom cannot be separated easily in designing. Our bathroom always carries out many tiles whether in the floor or on the walls. So, our topic today is about vintage bathroom floor tile patterns. Especially, you have old house from your parent heritage. This is hard to find the suitable tile patterns for the bathroom, right? I suggest you to find historic patterns that I will show through this article below.

Vintage bathroom floor tile designs

Vintage hexagon bathroom floor

The first pattern of vintage bathroom floor tile patterns is hexagon tiles. Mostly, white color is the favorite one in the past. All white is okay but you will not have historical segment on the bathroom. So, please choose the complex pattern and different colors. The hexagonal pattern provides creative mosaic on the floor.

Vintage marble hexagonal bathroom floor

Black vintage hexagonal bathroom floor tile

Penny Round
I am sure you are not familiar with this pattern because it was popular in the WWI. Actually, it is the cousin of hexagon pattern. But, it has unique mosaic with ¾ inches and 1 inch of size. Overall, hexagon has bigger measurement rather than penny round.

Blue penny round vintage bathroom floor tile

Brown penny round vintage bathroom floor tile designs

This is the oldest pattern of vintage bathroom floor tile. That is why I put this pattern as one of historical tile’s pattern. Bordered design could be the most attractive design of square pattern. Most of bathrooms in the modern era use the border as their family names or Greek keys.

Square vintage bathroom floor tile

Basket Weave
Stay calm because this pattern won’t as difficult as you see on the pictures. It has 12-inch x 12-inch of sheets. The similarities of the design with the hexagons are good idea. You are able to make black and white designs together in order to create illusions of eyes. The installment needs more patients. They are the key.

Basket weave vintage bathroom floor tiles

The pinwheel pattern was popular in the 1920s or World War I. I believe its simplicity and fun design bring its back to classical bathroom floor options nowadays. The standard color is black and white. I have seen other color combination rarely except dark blue tile. This pattern suits for any spaces of bathroom.

Pinwheel pattern vintage bathroom floor tile

Block Random tile
Last but not least of vintage bathroom floor tile is block random. As same as its name, it does not have specific pattern. You can see its classical pattern since 1940 ago with random colors too. Yes, the characteristic is shown by the color combination of this pattern.

Block random vintage bathroom floor tiles

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