Unique and Rustic with DIY Distressed Wood Flooring

The distressed wood flooring could be coming from engineered wood floor supplied for your local furniture’s. The transitional style could be raised if you add some panel cabinets, also white and brown back splash. You can add some stainless steel appliances into your home design. This will be good DIY ways for your distress taste.

White and clean dining room with distressed wood flooring

Transitional kitchen style with distressed wood flooring

Herringbone Pattern for Your Shabby Chic Style

Keep sanding and also scraping back your furniture’s with some paint that doesn’t stick to your reveal wood beneath. Laying wood floors in your bath, example, can be more as hard as wearing wood tile for good looks. Adding same herringbone pattern will offer the appearance distressed wood flooring while pressure your budget.

Herringbone pattern distressed wood flooring with classic furniture

The shabby chic style for each your rooms will be a drop in the console sink into your bathroom, example, and light shelf style in it. This style more like London console design.

Shabby chic bathroom with herringbone pattern distressed wood flooring

Shabby chic bathroom with distressed wood flooring and mirror shelves

Farmhouse Style for Your Rich Home
The floor can be reused for some barn wood to make distressed wood flooring goal. For this style, the expansive Victorian bedroom can be the right choice for your stylistic home. You can add any wall colors also medium tone hardwood floor. You can be really like all the things in this design because this choice will be your amazing room. You will be wishing to sleep on it or be relaxing in your home.

Victorian bedroom style with distressed wood flooring

Multi-colors back splash, distressed cabinets and painted island which is combined with copper hood will make different countertops for your kitchen. Apply some wax for some spots and try the similar way for those used to distress furniture to be combined with distress wood flooring. So, make sure that this design will provides rustic and unique look to any room in your home.

Kitchen with distressed wood flooring

Special Hand Crafted Historic Wood Style
You can add a hand scraped edges of your boards to see the kerf marks for recreates the authentic and also the historic wood floors.

Distressed and hand-scraped wood flooring in living room with rattan furniture

Anyway, this DIY individually hand crafted will be exact look you to desire your advent modern woodworking techniques. Finally, the distressed wood flooring also leading to specialist reclaimed the variety of woods such as maple, chestnut, heavy pine and oak hardwood flooring. In the end, this unique DIY treatment usually used brushed design to de-gloss and also un-smooth boards for giving your soft ad gently worn texture.

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