Types of Basement Laundry Room Flooring That Is Waterproof

The use of basement is extremely important for those with narrow surface area. Most of home that is completed with basement will get some problems such as leakage, condense, humidity and so on. Because of basement is located under-ground, there are some types of basement flooring to choose. Especially when you want to use your basement as the laundry room, of course the humidity of room is more and more everyday. It is important for you to choose types of basement laundry room flooring that is waterproof and easily dry out. Here are some types of basement laundry room flooring to choose from.

Basement laundry room flooring paint

Ceramic Tile for basement laundry room flooring

The first type of basement laundry room flooring is ceramic tile. Besides offering the variety of designs and come in many sizes, ceramic tile is also waterproof. Most of homeowners who don’t want spend much time and money to remodel basement laundry room, they will choose to use ceramic tile. It is less expensive than others and of course offers anti-spot so that make it easily cleaned. While a variety of colors, shapes and styles, we think it is another popular option to consider.

Ceramic tile basement laundry room flooring

Small basement laundry room with ceramic tile flooring

Vinyl flooring
Less expensive and easy to install become two important benefits when choosing this one. One of reason why vinyl is considerably because it is easy to clean and available in tile form and sheets, also consist of variety ranges of colors. It is a type of flooring that resists water, mildew and mold. Even this is made from petroleum that is impossible to be attacked by pest. You should able to compare between linoleum and vinyl because of the both are different.Most of manufacturers make linoleum from linseed oil as the natural materials so if not sealed correctly; it might be susceptible to water damages.

Basement laundry room with vinyl flooring

Stone Tile floor
Stone tile need to be considered in a list. It is made from natural stones such as stone tiles, marble and granite. They offer a range of textures, durability and colors. When installing, it needs periodic sealing and comes in 4 absorption levels:  vitreous, impervious, semi-vitreous and also non-vitreous.

Stone tile basement laundry room flooring

Be sure not to choose Non-vitreous stone tile as long as it contains the highest absorption level so that it isn’t appropriate enough for laundry room with high humidity. They have to opt for vitreous stones. This is more durable and water resistant, even come into a range of texture and natural colors.

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