Rubber Backed Carpet Types For Decorating Your Home

Rubber backed carpet,- Carpet, for some people this is quite an important accessory for their house. Not only house, a lot of public places such as a convention hall and event hotel corridors need carpets. Among many variants of carpet one of the best choice is the rubber backed carpet. Why? Because the rubber back will make the carpet last even longer than regular carpet. Today we chose some of the best choices for rubber backed carpet for your home.

Black and grey rubber backed carpet

Nice rubber backed carpet tile design

Heavy Duty Rubber Backed Carpet

Like most carpet, this heavy duty rubber backed carpet was great for indoor use. This carpet uses a rubber back, which also help to create a moisture barrier for your subflooring, especially if you use concrete subflooring. This Heavy Duty rubber backed carpet, just like the name are perfect for heavy duty job such as for school corridors, classroom and other place that usually has heavy traffic. What about the design? Don’t worry about it, this Heavy duty carpet from Clark rubber has several color variations that you can choose.

Living room with heavy duty rubber backed carpet

Heavy duty rubber backed carpet

Versatility Rubber Backed Carpet
Beside being a durable carpet, this Versatility rubber backed carpet also comes with a great design pattern that can live up the atmosphere of the room. it comes with a good  combination  horizontal and vertical line pattern and use combinations of browns and tan colors, giving the room a warm atmosphere. This carpet can be considered Eco friendly, because the rubber backed for this carpet was made from recycle rubber. This rubber backed carpet from Rubber Flooring Inc also very easy to install and is covered with a 5 year warranty, so no need to be scared that your carpet will wither several months after you instal them, because there is a warranty guarantee. The nylon surface of this carpet also makes this carpet feels very comfortable and soft to walk on it. You can compare with rubber flooring for home gym.

Versatility rubber backed carpet

Versatility rubber backed carpet tile

Rubber Marine Backing Rubber Backed Carpet
This rubber backed carpet is really great, because they aren’t only made for indoor use only but they also great for outdoor use as well. You can use this rubber backed carpet or rubber flooring residential for dock, patio, sunroom and many more. plus the backed rubber of this carpet will surely make it more durable than regular carpet.

Rubber marine backing rubber backed carpet

Indoor or outdoor carpet flooring with rubber marine backing

However, remember that the carpet side isn’t trained. So you need scissors or the likes to trim the side of this carpet. This carpet was made from online fibers to  the surface, which means its easier to clean and retain from stain.

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