Positive and Negative Facts About Cork Flooring For Kitchen

Cork flooring is one of popular flooring types that is never absent to show in the kitchen. There are lots of homeowners choose a cork flooring as the main flooring for their floor because of the flexibility and comfort factor. They said that cork flooring for kitchen is really soft and so comfortable for our feet. It is flooring material manufacturer that is made from the cork oak tree. Cork flooring includes the floor that’s made from the wood so that it is so eco friendly due to the cork oak tree bark is stripped in every ten years and even doesn’t destroy this tree.

Eco-Cork flooring for kitchen

In addition, the cork flooring comes in planks and both tiles and even able to have glues less installation or with glue. At glance, the cork flooring is generally applied in many homes. It can be trend for your living room and update renovation for the flooring but in the other hand, it also has the positive and negative sides. See these points below!

Cork flooring for kitchen instalation

The Advantages of Cork Flooring

In the cork flooring, the air is trapped between the cork cells that indirectly become the cork flooring a natural absorber. Feel standing and sitting on the cork flooring of the kitchen when cooking, of course you will feel your task more pleasant especially in the kitchen when you prepare all dishes for the breakfast.  It doesn’t make your feet feel cool and even always warm. It is so different with the concrete flooring kitchen that always cool when stand. The other advantage of the cork flooring for kitchen is that it is so durable and absorbs sound /soundproof. How a busy you with your cooking tasks, it will ease your tasks even reduce the noisy sound when cooking and slicing.

Parquet look cork flooring for kitchen

Light color cork flooring for kitchen

For the design and patterns, we personally think that cork flooring for kitchen comes in many designs and so impressive about any application and décor. Even it can be found in choices of colors patterns, brands and also many manufacturers. The last advantage, Cork flooring is more durable, light in weight and simple for installation process on the kitchen and other rooms of the home.

Pick up strips dark cork flooring for kitchen - image by capricork.com

Pick up strips dark cork flooring for kitchen – image by capricork.com

The Disadvantages Cork Flooring
Let’s know the negative sides of the cork flooring for the kitchen. It needs a regular maintenance and obligates be sealed. Meanwhile if the cork flooring isn’t sealed, consequently it can absorb stains easily and get damaged as soon as possible before 5 years usage. Beside that, this kind of flooring is expensive enough per square foot in comparison to the other flooring materials such as concrete, laminate etc. So, it is free decision for you to choose cork flooring for your kitchen or apply another material for it.

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