Laundry Room Tile Options, Which One Would You Choose?

A laundry room is not always monotonous. Make it sensational and perfect to stay by choosing the right tile options for your laundry room. Laundry room tile should be waterproofing, especially when it is situated under the ground, there are some considerations to choose the best tile that works in the basement. They have to able to protect their room from humidity and keep it to dry. Instead choosing the good quality of laundry room tile that is waterproofing, the term of appearance, texture, tile colors and designs also need to concern.

Light brown laundry room tile ideas

Match the design and color your laundry room tile

Talking about designs, we think that almost all people know that floor tile types come into vary of designs and unlimited color choices. The problems come when the tile has the contrast side from the decoration, or miss- match. Before remodeling or build a new laundry room, be sure to choose the one that complement the overall decor of laundry room. Tile marble is the good option for its waterproofing feature and lasting longer. You need to choose large marble tiles with a range of colors blended in single tile. If needed, mix at least two different tiles to make checkerboard look. This will make your laundry room tile looks more glamour and dramatic. Light brown tile and dark brown, white and black tiles, these are simple checkerboard-style tiles. Marble tile is not only durable but also simple to keep clean. That’s why many homeowners choose it though the price is more expensive.

Large marble tiles for laundry room

Checkerboard-style laundry room tiles

Other Types
If you feel that marble tiles are too expensive for you, there are still other tile options to choose from such as clay, porcelain or Ceramic tile is extremely durable. But you need to pay attention about the leaks seeping down into the grout, make sure to have the good grouting and a first-rate sealant to prevent a case above. For the Southwestern-style and Spanish Colonial homes, you might want to install Terra-cotta tiles.

Various tone and size procelain tile for laundry room

Southwestern-style laundry room tile design

Tips on Installing Tiles
Well, after you determine what’s the best laundry room tile to be installed to your laundry room, be sure to there is no cracks on the edges of the floor or the tile in order not to make water from leaking under the tiles when you are spending much soaps when washing machine. It would be wisely to hire a professional one to handle the remodeling job at your home. Hope them inspire you all.

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