Laundry Room Floor Plans and Designs

Does your laundry room is equipped by many items in it. As we know that most of homeowners always ignore the tidiness of the laundry room. They use it when they need, even there is no time to maintain it to be cleaned. Well, if you have a laundry room in your home and desire it to be more eye-catching and amazing to see, it means that it is time for you to change all / remodel it. One of important part in every room is ‘floor’. It stays in the laundry room and become an essential thing in here. Well, in this case, we will just to explain the laundry room floor plans only. Let’s find the tips below to makes the floor becomes more beautiful so that make you get comfortable when washing.

Laundry room floor plans ideas

Grey concrete Floor Plan
How about grey concrete floor plan? It seems so interesting to apply. It isn’t too crucial in installation even can be alternative choice for you when you have no enough fund for remodel. They are beautiful enough although not forever. It is affordable and the plus side is when it isn’t too smooth to stand even really suitable with the wall décor (if the wall is white / grey too).

Grey concrete floor plan laundry room

Paint concrete laundry room floor with grey

Hardwood Floor Plans
The next idea for laundry room floor plans is by applying the Louisville hardwood floor. They are beautiful enough for this room even the cat will also regard same thing when we know that they like to sit on the floor. For the design, you can choose it with angled style, almost same with the brick set style. It is amazing enough even when they are dominated with fresh red- brown floor. Just need to put medium rug, all can be perfect result for your laundry room.

Hardwood floor plans for laundry room

Hardwood floor in contemporary laundry room

Black and White Floor (Chessboard Style)
Chess board flooring style precisely isn’t only suitable to install in the terrace only. The picture shows you that it can be installed in the laundry room as the main sophisticating floor. They consist from the black and white even looks so contrast with yellow decoration of the wall. Furniture can also be adjusted with the floor style. Choose the white, yellow and brighter color for furniture option, it certainly will make the floor becomes shiny and so sharp to look.

Black-white floor chessboard style for laundry room

Black-white Oxley pattern floor plan for loundry room

Okay, after you know the laundry room floor plans ideas above, which one that inspires you?

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