Garage Floor Coverings Ideas for Your Garage

There two major styles in garage floor coverings. They are called as mats and tiles. Actually, there is no special ways or method to install both of them. Maybe the main differences are on the size and measurement. However, I will focus on the tiles style in this article because tiles require our creativity in designing such as attractive patterns and many more. There are some pros and cons about tiles of garage floors. For your information, the tiles have three main materials, rigid plastic, rubber and wood. All of them have their own characteristics that will confuse you as the garage owner. But, I will show you each of them below.

Black and white garage floor covering tiles with double garage doors

Rigid Plastic garage floor covering

In choosing rigid plastic as your garage floor coverings, I suggest you to buy the one hundred percent of PVC. The favorite thickness is around ¼ inches because this is the thickest size of PVC. By this thickness, the rigid plastic is able to prevent oils, grease and chemicals fluids on your garage. Do not worry about the foot and vehicle traffic above your garage floor. The unique view and patterns will be yours with rigid plastic. I think these tiles are the toughest coverings rather than other tiles. Although you have to pay more budgets around ten dollars each square foot, otherwise you can see low cost garage flooring ideas. I believe you will be satisfied with the results.

Rigid plastic tile garage floor covering

Diamond grid-loc garage floor covering tiles

Flexible or Rubber Tiles
The second one of garage floor coverings is rubber tiles. The most benefit of these tiles is easy installation because of its flexibility. Moreover, you will get easy ways too in removing rubber tiles. If we compared with the rigid plastic, rubber tiles provide more longevity. The rubbers are interlocking each elements of its body. That is why I more prefer to try this one firstly on your garage. In addition of the benefit, it is easy to clean for any abuses such as heavy machineries traffic and big vehicles. The PVC’s product has also flexible or rubber tiles.

Rubber tiles garage floor covering

Wood Composite Tiles
There is a unique system for wood composite tiles. For your information, the top surface of wood tiles is always dry. This is caused by the polyethylene moisture barrier that placed on the back or bottom side of the tiles. Because of this system, your garage floor won’t carry any fluid on the top surface.

Wood composite tiles garage floor covering

Another benefit of wood tiles, you will be supported by tongue and groove edges from the tiles when you are installing them on the garage floor. Moreover, you can cut them with saw if you do not have perfect matched position of garage floor coverings.

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