Exotic and Lovely Brazilian Walnut Flooring Ideas

The contemporary brazilian walnut flooring will smooth mixing with clean lines to make warm feel to your room, such as a living room. Also, if you add some Pewabic tiles, that will give some interest for your slate fireplace. Beige walls for contemporary family are good design ideas for your life. The medium tone with some hardwood floors from brazilian walnut flooring can make unbelievable white trim mixing slate fireplace. If you have a small modern living room, the white walls combined with walnut flooring will make your day become brighter than normally. You can be recalled for your treads in light stain.

Brazilian walnut flooring in living room with fireplace

Brazilian walnut flooring in living room with wall art abstract painting

Elegant look living room with brazilian walnut flooring

Mediterranean Stairs for Good Mixing of Brazilian walnut

Also, if you have Mediterranean stairs, this design will be more inspired for curved and lovely staircase also moulding around the door. But, don’t be don’t worry if you don’t want bright color for your home, because the brazilian walnut flooring also could make a great combination if you add some dark furniture’s, such as cupboard, wall bookshelves with alebrix style or traditional architectural interest. In the kitchen, you can add tigerwood turns out and make a warm tone for great variation with gorgeous lip.

Mediterranean staircase with brazilian walnut

Brazilian walnut flooring in kitchen with black kitchen islands

Dining room with brazilian walnut flooring

Traditional Border and Nice Colors
Anyway, as adding style, both panel and also blocking style, the parquetry pieces need to install with timber that will make the adjust room temperature. The herringbone pattern will make the border define the spaces in your home separately in a long hallway.

Brazilian walnut flooring for clean and beautiful hallway

For traditional hallway like in Miami, you could add blue walls and also medium tone for hardwood floors in your home. That would be an awesome look for your entry and also family and guests look. Don’t forget that the Brazilian walnut flooring is the most exotic hardwood for your home. This style will become more common and pre-finished style flooring. Inevitable families could be giving high quality for easy installation, includes plank and strip sizes for your high grades exotic hardwood. Honey cleared and evenness also overall dark features will be more associated with most light hardwood.

White entry room decor with brazilian walnut flooring

White kitchen cabinet with brazilian walnut flooring

However, this style will be extremely hard to improve if you can’t combine with right furniture’s. The right features will make accurately more depict for your flooring furniture’s also styling, so that design will make actual flooring. Finally, you can be helped with different ideas such as more color choice for your important flooring decision. The Brazilian walnut flooring species can vary from light yellow with green overtones until blackish brown features for your freshly home styling.

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