Distressed Bamboo Flooring: Make it Personal with DIY Hand Scraped

The cherished in time honoured bamboo tradition are the handcrafting which is joined in the benefits of modern pre-finishing distressed bamboo flooring. Creating a floor without peer are so capable if you want to add each plank of flooring and sculpted these for creating a rustic, antique also appeal along the old world charm design.

Beautiful distressed bamboo flooring in living room

DIY Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring

No carpenter machines involve if you installed this distressed bamboo flooring. This work could ensure every board in a unique way and also different than other materials. For your information, distressed bamboo flooring always is hand crafted with strand woven bamboo materials with some click lock application. So, it is great installing for DIY work without hard work on installation, also in multiple colors.

Brown distressed bamboo flooring with hickory model

Hand scraped bamboo has a scraped texture and moisture on it, and this way will help you more in such natural way to rough interesting look. The DIY work also involved to create the hand scraped bamboo flooring that is much high than the regular bamboo flooring. The reason of that is because of each piece of flooring are manually produced that the scraping tools are used always to create the special effect. Also you can add the rough texture of it.

Dining room with distressed bamboo flooring

Each piece of it that the hand scraped distressed bamboo flooring is not uniform, but unique ways for the appearance and have own character and also individuality. And you can guess that this works, have special exotic appeal and taste beside the other various flooring types.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring for Unique Personality
Anyway, making a responsible choice for the environment doesn’t mean that you must have sacrificed the quality of your own choice and your style. The distressed bamboo flooring will match perfectly with any décor in your home, although you are adding some contemporary and classic accent. That works will not go out of your style.

Distressed bamboo flooring in living room

Distressed bamboo flooring with DIY hand scraped

You know that purchase some new flooring is an important decision, one that you could likely to enjoy in several years, even a decade in your life. That’s why this making idea is so easy to find and have the bamboo wood flooring which are more suits with your unique personality. Also, the distressed bamboo floors coming with some lifetime structural warranty and many years finish warranty. However, the natural bamboo flooring with strand woven and thresholds, trim pieces and also moldings are more engineered to meet the highest standards in your precious life.

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