Choosing The Best White Bamboo Flooring For Your Rooms

White bamboo flooring is the type of affordable natural flooring with amazing motifs and durability. Actually there are many types of best white bamboo flooring to choose from. Even they consist of a kind of colors. One of eye-catching color that many people consider for their room is white. White not only reflects cleanness but also luxury term. Most of them prefer white bamboo flooring because of its ability to catch the light from the outside, can act as the substitute of the  lighting in the afternoon.

Contemporary kitchen with white bamboo flooring

Cozy living room with white bamboo flooring

Pros And Cons
As mentioned above, we can conclude that white bamboo flooring for your rooms offer you with abundant benefits and excellences. Nevertheless, there are cons side that might you haven’t known about this one. Although many people know that bamboo flooring is more sustainable and durable of all, but if you aren’t carefully, you might get low quality of white bamboo flooring. At glance, customers will look the color and texture, if that is white and no stain included, means good or excellent, whereas most of cheap product was imported even though it doesn’t maintain quality manufacturing finishes and standards determined. Moreover, buy them at groceries, might not only cups, but it also delaminates, dents and scratches.

Beautiful home decoration with white bamboo flooring
White bamboo flooring on luxury interior design

White bamboo flooring on minimalist living room

Luxury bedroom with white bamboo flooring

Horizontal Vs Vertical White Bamboo Flooring

In spite of all, white bamboo flooring offers you with unlimited texture and motifs. The most popular white bamboo flooring is vertical and horizontal. If you are confused to choose the best one of them, choose wisely.  Horizontal bamboo refers to planks which are installed properly next to one another facing in a horizontal direction.

White vertical bamboo flooring on minimalist home decor

White horizontal bamboo flooring in living room

If seen from its stripe, it is more suitable for quiet room like kitchen, living room or the other large rooms. On installation process, before being finished and pressurized, commonly they are attached to each other this way for proper  and tight installation. Compare than vertical white bamboo flooring that refers to planks that are installed next to one another facing in a vertical direction for tight installation reason. To look so natural and a smooth uniform look, this is important to make them being attached to each other before start being finished and pressurized.

Mix and Match Decoration
Then, it would be important for you to match the white bamboo flooring with decoration and furniture around. White actually is a neutral color, so the furniture and decor option might not be restricted. Make it perfect by adding black or dark furniture might look so unique. Or you want to decor your room with fully white is reasonable.

White bamboo flooring combined with cream wall colors

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