Bathroom Floor Options – 5 Ideas bathroom flooring for You

Bathroom floor options are available for you to choose. Actually these ideas are here to beautify your bathroom. For getting a fresh look in your bathroom, you need to replace and buy new things. It could be replacing the old and outdated floors with new hardwood. If you prefer a theme with classic look, glass tiles are very suitable for you.

Elegant bathroom floor options

5 Options of Bathroom Floor
Here, we will reveal many bathroom floor options as detail as possible.

  • The first option is carpeting. If your bathroom has plush flooring, the idea of carpeting will be suitable. In avoiding the mildew, moldand even stained you may use moisture resistant under the carpet.

Bathroom floor with brown carpet

Carpeting bathroom floor

Dark-brown carpet for bathroom floor

  • The second option of bathroom floor options is recycled tile. If you have ever heard about the term ‘go green’, you may think about some ideas of using recycle stuffs. It does not always mean old and ugly. The similar idea of go green can be applied for bathroom. One of the examples is green tile GRN 800 which includes for about 70 out of 100 percents granite and marble. The choices of colors provided are brighter and darker colors such as black, gray, gold, green, bright yellow and blue. The tiles come in different colors such as khaki, chocolate, lavender, and more.

Recycled glass tile bathroom floor options

Recycled water blue tile bathroom floor options

  • If you want to have an elegant look in your bathroom, then the idea of using glass tile can be used. The style which you can choose is a lot. It depends on your own style either it is small or large, translucent or colorful. This bathroom floor option can help you have a sophisticated space at your home.

Glass tile bathroom floor

  • While in making a classic look, hardwood flooring will brighten up your bathroom. You can choose either bright colors such as cherry colors or soft shades such as butter yellow or lavender.

Contemporary bathroom with hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring options for bathroom

  • Another bathroom floor option is mosaic tile. Mosaic tile will turn your bathroom into more exotic than before. This idea can be used not only in bathroom but also outside the bathroom. It can be combined with tiles in neutral colors. You can use it as the border line on the tiles of porcelain.

Mosaic tile bathroom floor ideas

These bathroom floor options can actually be developed according to the owner of the house. The idea does not need to be followed 100 percent. It can be used and be developed based on the personal taste. Then, which one do you want to apply? 🙂

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