Basement Gym Flooring Design and Review

Basement gym flooring,- Maybe, after a few years of staying in your parent’s home, finally you have their permission to renovate and change their basement into your own gym room. Basement is rarely used as a gym place, but it is still a possible way to do some magic trick and swap the room into a good personal fitness center. It is quite difficult to do some changes on your basement. However, by having basement as your own personal gym room, it means that you will not to share your fitness utilities with other unnecessary stuff. Keep your basement simple, leaving the space only for your fitness-related stuff.

Best option for basement gym flooring

Most of the basements flooring is using concrete, which we know that is not suitable for to do some exercise on it. It will be rough if you want to do some body movement without any support or cushions for your body on the flooring. You also did not want to throw your heavy dumbbell on the concrete and bounce back and landed on your feet. All you need to do is only look for some best basement gym flooring.

Small basement gym flooring ideas

Create basement gym flooring look-alike fitness center

Dress up your basement and make it look like a real fitness center. It might be simple, but if you cover your floor with some rubber mat or flooring, it will look closer to the pro fitness center. Long argue over the internet will never stop, but people will head towards over rubber flooring when it comes to a gym-purposed flooring.

Basement gym flooring over carpet

Rubber flooring is the one of the material that can withstand with impact, and it will not break down easily. The good news is, when you throw your dumbbell on the rubber floor, it will not bounce back, and just stay in one place. We can consider rubber is one of live-saving material and will prevent you from the harm of fitness equipment.

Rubber gym flooring for basement

The infamous carpet flooring
Is it true that carpet is one good sound insulating, sound control material. It also has lower price tag than owning one of virgin rubber flooring. However, the biggest drawbacks from using carpet as a cover your basement gym flooring is that carpet not as durable as rubber.

Using carpet as home gym flooring coverings also need a frequent treatment and cleaning. It will be a great spot for dust to stay. All you need to do is a proper cleaning in order to keep your room comfortable.

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