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Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood to Complete Your project

As we know that vinyl flooring is an appropriate choice for those who have low remodeling budget. We think vinyl is not too bad for everyone. Besides offering inexpensive price, vinyl is also well- known of its designs and colors. The design and colors is as vary as porcelain and ceramic. Even the color of […]

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Rubber Garage Floor Tiles for Durable Garage Flooring Options

The rubber garage floor tiles are the alternative ways in avoiding more expensive flooring covers such as epoxy or vinyl materials. These tiles allow you to floor any types and sizes of garage condition. In the end, you will know how affordable the rubber rather than the others. Besides of affordable, rubber tiles give more […]

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The Advantage and Disadvantages of Gym Flooring Tiles

Gym flooring tiles,- When you own your home, you want it to have your own room for do some exercise and gym. However, before you put anything else, you must prepare the perfect flooring to cover your tile. Common flooring can broken apart by the heavyweight gym appliances. It can shatter if you throw your […]

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Protection and Stability of Basement Subfloor Options

It is important for you to choose a couple of basement subfloor options which will provide you with stability and protection before you are laying flooring. Sub-flooring is one of the important materials which lie beneath your basement floor which is offering durability and stability. Wood panels basement subfloor There are a couple of wood […]

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20 Black and White Bathroom Floor Tile design to Refresh the Bathroom Look

Some of you might have some interests to have something classical and unusual. Classical stuff have some unnecessary accent, which is makes them expensive. Somehow, I just do not like the look of some classical stuff. It just make your bathroom to become unexpectedly mess and crowded. I just like everything going simple, using the […]

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Tips before using Laminate Flooring for Bathroom

Considering these tips will be better before installing laminate flooring for bathroom. First, before using laminate flooring, checking the bathroom’s usage is the most important one. The checking process helps you to measure the heat, humidity and also the space of your bathroom too. For your information, laminate flooring needs heat fewer than 80˚F and […]

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Marble Flooring Designs For Living Room: Ideas And Inspirations For Your New Floor

Choosing a floor tile pattern you’ll like for several years later should be the one to consider when investing in a lavish, premium marble flooring designs for living room. Make sure marble tile floor pattern you pick in accordance to your style by inspecting your home’s existing decor design. A minimalist design will suit best […]

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How to Choose Wood Flooring for the Floor Decoration

It is always interesting to find out the tips on how to choose wood flooring. As we know that the wood flooring is one of the trends in the floor decoration concept. It is obvious when the demand of the market is rising, there will be many low quality of the product that has the […]

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Basement Floor Covering, the Great Ways to Protect Your Basement

When choosing the best basement floor covering, the main focus is just to intended use for the space.  Choosing the basement floor covering also depends on your flooring needs. For example, if you have a plan to use it as the family room, of course the flooring needs would be different than you plan to […]

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Bamboo Flooring in Bathroom – Benefits and Tips

Talking about bamboo as one of flooring feature, you have to know some tips or considerations of this natural material. Inside this article, I want to show you the bamboo flooring in bathroom tips in order to make you understand how to apply bamboo on your bathroom. Bamboo flooring in bathroom costs According to the […]

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