Laminate Flooring in Bathroom Ideas

When it comes for you to choose a bathroom, floor, consider applying laminate flooring in bathroom, even though a lot of homeowners want the classic appearance of hardwood or tile. Laminate offers a smart alternative for those of you who do not want to spend a lot of money. The materials are easy to catch and are available in a couple of attractive and impressive colors and styles which can be even be mixed and matched to create unique and unusual designs.

Laminate flooring in bathroom with dark gray wall paint

Laminate flooring in bathroom with minimalist vanity

Laminate flooring in bathroom tips

Laminate floors are produced from wood chips which are pressed at high temperatures. And then, the composite materials are covered with a photographic image of tile or hardwood. Even though laminate technically includes wood, it is not as famous as real wood floors. The material lets upfront savings, but it will not offer a bump in resale value. And also the cost of the laminate will go higher, but it depends on the quality of the tile image or wood grain.

Laminate flooring in bathroom with louvered windows

Laminate flooring in bathroom with decorative mirrors

Laminate flooring in bathroom with classic oval bathtub

Laminate flooring in bathroom with brick wall

Laminate flooring in bathroom with unique wall decor

Laminate flooring in bathroom with slide up window

If you have a plan to stay at your home for a long time, the flooring can be a perfect option. This laminate flooring for bathroom is very durable and highly resistant to scratches, stains and dents because it has a top wear layer. This flooring is ideal for pets or children. When you paired it with underlayment, laminate flooring in bathroom toilet is also a little bit softer than tile or wood. Laminate is also resistant to water, unlike hardwood, which is making it one of the perfect choices available for below-grade options and damp areas. Laminate is very easy to maintain. You just have to prepare regular sweeping and damp mopping according to your preference. You do not have to wax or refinishing laminate flooring in bathroom.

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