Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring, Designs and Texture

Hand scraped bamboo flooring will take into consideration zonal allocated for each kitchen activity. Although we know that most of hand scraped flooring are applied on kitchen for a natural modern look and for warmth. Sometimes, many kitchens are planned with different layouts that suit the shape of the room. Nevertheless, all kitchens tend to follow the same basic layout shapes. It is also important to the position each activity zone in a place that relates to the next activity.

Black kitchen islands and cabinets with hand scraped bamboo flooring

Contemporary kitchen with hand scraped bamboo flooring

Types Of Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring

Hand scraped bamboo flooring is the type of flooring offer you rustic modern look. In term of price, hand scraped bamboo flooring is better because of its natural texture and its manufacturing process.  In addition, the texture is almost same with the hardwood flooring but in term of durability, this flooring type is better. The color is various ranging from Dark Mahogany, Seneca, Caramel, walnut, ashford so on. The color can be easily adjusted to your room decoration and furniture around.

Dark hand scraped bamboo flooring in living room

Hand scraped bamboo flooring in simple bedroom decor

Small kitchen with hand scraped bamboo flooring

Stains Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring
When you have many options in choosing the best hand scraped bamboo flooring, stains can be considered to show the rustic look. The motif is extremely different than others, because there are stripes or stains on the surface of flooring which makes it so beautiful and traditional. For color options, they aren’t restricted. It can be installed on living room or kitchen to add natural look. Besides, stains commonly are available as its original form, but some of manufactures doing engineering process to shape the stains.

Stain bamboo flooring for dining room

Kitchen with hand scraped stain bamboo flooring

Mix and Match Decoration
Since you installed your flooring, it is important to choose the best decoration inside. You may place anything you want as long as they have a similar color tone and still in the similar theme of the room. Don’t mix more than one wooden color in a room. For example, you might opt for dark caramel for the flooring, so, don’t compromise to try another color lighter or darker on your furniture in order not to look freak. On the contrary, you’d better choose the dark caramel too for your furniture. If you feel the decoration inside too dark, add some steels as accessories to your room might be important, or combining steel parts of some furniture might be helpful.

Matching kitchen decoration with hand scraped bamboo flooring

Rustic kitchen with hand scraped bamboo flooring

Talking about the price,  hand scraped bamboo flooring price starts from $2.99 Sq.ft based on HomeDepot source. Not too expensive, isn’t it!

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