Best Rubber Flooring For Home Gym

Rubber flooring,- Exercise is important, not only for keeping your body weight low, but also it’s great for your health. Due to these reasons, some people even choose to create their own personal gym or home gym. Making a home gym is more than just choosing the right equipment, home gym floor is also important. There are many kinds of gym floor mats, but one of the best is rubber flooring for home gym. There are several variants of this rubber floor, but today we already choose the best type of rubber flooring for home gym.

Rubber mats for home gym flooring

The Back Grip Rubber Floring for Home Gym

This type of rubber flooring for home gym actually quite popular,but some of you probably don’t really know it because their characteristic can only be seen at the back surface. This type of gym flooring usually comes in rolling package, although they also come in cut out package sometimes. The distinct characteristic that you can find from this variant is the back surface of this flooring usually has a raised pattern. This makes the flooring more settle to the sub floor and won’t easily shift, so it makes more stern flooring. About the design? Don’t worry about that this type of floor has a lot of colors.

Back grip rubber flooring for home gym

Puzzle Interlocking Rubber Flooring
This one is very popular compared to the other type of rubber flooring for home gym, you see this very often especially in kids room. but who knows that they also make a great choice for rubber flooring for home gym. This type of rubber flooring usually has a jaggy side which will fit into the other piece side part this is why it’s usually called as base rubber flooring. This type of floor makes a very stern rubber flooring, however you must make sure that all the pieces are perfectly fitted to the subfloor because some of them can be quite slippery sometimes. If you are interested in covering the floor in another room, you can also check on how to choosing the right rubber residential flooring.

Colorful puzzle rubber interlocking floor for home gym

Rubber puzzle mat flooring for home gym

Horse Stall Matts Rubber Flooring
Horse stall? What? Is it the name of the brand? No, as a matter of fact, this variant of rubber flooring was designed to be used in horse stalls in order to ease the knee joints of the horse. But this rubber floor is a very popular choice for a gym studio, especially for rubber flooring for home gym. However, this floor can be quite heavy, it can reach to 100 pounds for one sheet. The edges of this floor usually aren’t interlock, but don’t worry. Due to the weight the edges won’t curl.

Horse stall matts rubber flooring for home gym

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